Supply issues or what is up with polaris and pascal?

It has been ages (or at least it feels like it) since RX480 and GTX 1060 were launched and TBH it feels like AMD has supply issues. I have not seen them in stock or even temporarily available aside from the freak blip in time that Newegg has a sku…  Has AMD dropped the ball? Kinda feel like they lied about this one. I recall great assurance that 480 would be here and in force... just don't ask me for a reference on that.

The 1060 seems to come in and out of stock of some skus and so if one uses and pays attention they can get one. Has it been so long since new GPUs have been launched that I forget that this is normal? Or is this not normal?

AMD has had this issue before a few times. But I agree it seems they dropped the ball as I really wanted to pick up 2 Rx 480s for my wife's rig but sadly there is never stop on any models I would get 😞

Good find though and thanks for sharing

I was able to order an EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC for one of my wheel rigs because they were "in stock". I then found out that no, when NCIX says they are in stock they are not actually. If I had other options I would tell NCIX to jog on… but alas I do not, so I am waiting for stock to arrive... How many more months till all these new 14nm and 16nm (aka polaris and pascal) cards are in stock EVERYWHERE? Computers are a stupid hobby. Cost too much and depreciate too quickly. Oh dear... I sense I have been ranting

I am not seeing the 480 in stock

RX 480

And the 1060 is not much better, but as mentioned they do come in and out of stock at times


RX 480 XFX now in stock at Newegg!!!!

"From everything I hear, AMD is having SERIOUS production issues on their Polaris dies. So much so that even RX470 inventories are being negatively impacted."  –SKYMTL thread at HWC

Just read this over at HWC. This goes along way to explain the stock issues. It is not simply demand being > supply.  This is unfortunate.