Everything Off-Road! (post your off-road adventures, story and pics required)

So I was offroading with this guy. His 1-ton Ford (F350, 7.3 IDI) is quite heavy and slides around with little provocation. The ground is also both a lot slicker and a lot looser than it looks, just sayin.

More sliding when I take my 1/2-ton Dodge (W150, 318LA) around the other side to pull him out….

Fortunately my Dodge was able to drive right out with two people in the corner of the box! I was then able to drag the Ford to safe ground, and lived to wheel another day!

Nice pics! That does look like it must have been slippery, but that F350 definitely has some weight to it. Was the gap too wide to straddle (wheels either side)? Hard to tell in the picture. The only serious off roading I have done has been on ATVs (except for a couple friends done up S15 and jeep).

Your dodge needs a 12 valve and an NV5600 😛


12 valve and an NV5600 😛

Currently have 318 with NP435 trans(granny low!) and NP241 tcase.
As nice as torque would be, the truck is already 5000lbs and heavy enough without a diesel.


Was the gap too wide to straddle (wheels either side)? Hard to tell in the picture.

The gap where the F350 went in was too wide to straddle. In my case there was a spotter but my NP435's granny-first & and 4-low while riding the brakes was "too fast" and there was a bit of communication breakdown that resulted in me over-correcting. I ended up too close then slid in when I tried to back away. We did not have a good communications system in place. Needs more analog.

I will take most of the blame for sliding in. I firmly believe that if I was paying attention to the obstacle instead of a spotter I could have positioned my truck better.
I am not mad at the spotter, I am annoyed with myself for not doing it myself. I know my truck best, it is part of me.

Here, have a video:
Anyway, time for other stories!