We all know its coming (and with it the loss of an estimated 30+ Million jobs in the next decade alone)… and it has begun. Automation is removing the 'need' for entry level jobs that most of started out with in high school.

Walmart is cutting another 7K jobs due to automation

Pizzerias are also on the chopping block:

Wendys, McD.. even Dunkin donuts is investing in removing entry level jobs:

Even Fro-Yo is getting in on the act:

So do you think these jobs will be replaced with new jobs (like the industrial revolution) or do you think that all 'low skilled' / entry levels jobs will be gone and not replaced? More importantly without entry level jobs how will the next gen get a taste of the workplace while in High School? Whether or not this is a good thing... interesting times are in store for the next decade.

Here is a good video explaining the robo revolution and how its going to massively impact people in the workforce:
Humans Need Not Apply – 15:01
— CGP Grey