IT / OT Convergence

Has anyone else gone through this transition / merge on the industrial side of things? I'm on the OT side when it comes to production and I'm sure most people here are on the IT side. We just started joining our networks but I find it very interesting to see things from another side of the fence!

I have read a little of the IT/OT mixing on Garner but I believe this is the path everywhere.

I am on the IT side at my full time job and enjoy it but used to work on the OT side when I was in the trades and watched as they merged more and more year after year to the dismay of many an old man haha.

I'll see you on rocket league one of these nights Mr G.

Yeah I agree, everyone wants to know what's happening now where ever you are and the only way to do that is to pull from the live process networks. With the networks like mine that have been converted from things like DH+ and Controlnet to Ethernet it's faster and easier to network together but it's also easier to hack or be attacked if not done correctly. Myself I believe in the two managed switches. I set mine to protect from IT and IT sets theirs to protect from mine haha. Need to have a Demilitarized Zone between haha.

For sure, Bond and I will take you into a 3's and see how you do!