Bioshock 1 Remastered

I was hearing a lot of positive things about Bioshock 1 Remastered and decided to give it a try. Boy was that ever a disappointment. Well not a disappointment more a let down.

Other than the graphics, which do look newer, nothing else was seemingly touched. This could be a good thing for purists, it's not so much for a lot of other people. Auto-aim is turned on by default, I was wondering why (other than console port) so I turned it off. Holy hell is it a lot more difficult trying to hit an enemy with a vigor (think magic spell) without it. Z is the default button for zoom, yes you can change the keybinding to whatever you want, just proof that they never touched the controls or interfaces to modernize them. I REALLY wanted to replay this game (well play the Remastered version of it for the first time). Unfortunately I probably won't want to deal with the still clunky control or be forced to play the game with auto aim on and the joys of very little ammo/money (at least in the very beginning).

Saw some images from the game looks good but I heard playing with a xbone controller is a must.

Also never played a single bioshock game 😛 they came out in the WoW years and that consumed 3 years of my gaming life

I would say giving Bioshock Infinite a try, as it the story is quite good and it doesn't need a controller to play it on PC.