New Monitor

Monitors are tough right now with the push to 4k, GPUs that struggle at that res, limited to 60hz at 4K etc. then on top of that most 60hz Freesync panels have a very limited 40-60 hz for functioning.

I know that doesn't answer your question, but I have been wanting a 25", ips, Freesync, 1440p, >60hz monitor and they aren't coming.

All that said, I would still lean towards 1440p and higher refresh rate (vs 4K) unless you go >30" or don't play games that are high speed (fps or racing).

Think Bond007 hit the nail on the head I own a 1440p and 4k screen but I game on a 27" 1080p 120hz lcd that's oced to 144hz the added refresh rate is a bigger game changer then resolution. But for editing the 4k and 1440 are the way to go.

4k does require far too much gpu power to to be enjoyable on a budget for myself anyways.

Out of the 3 you posted the LG is the winner for me with free sync and the fact your running amd. Plus the price is not half bad so you could always run it at 1440 if your gpu lags at all.

Yea I think Bond is right. It is hard now a days to pick a  monitors, why asking for help.  🙂
Bond saying go for Acer, and Soul saying go for LG.. hmmm

Just been reading not sure  about this TN panel for the Acer.
Yea for gpu power , I am also looking at MSI RX 480 8GB and giving my R9 380 to one kids.
That will be it for this yr for big purchase for myself.

Yeah a 1440p IPS with a decent refresh rate and Freesync would be the way to go.