AMD RX 490

So been reading on or when the release of the RX 490 coming out.

Was thinking of buying a RX 480 , But might wait till this comes out and see how it does. Hopefully the price will not be crazy like Nvidia are.
What do you all think.

Some of those leaks were from around just after launch of the 480. I honestly would get a 480 or 1060 any day of the week now as my gpu is getting damn old and more vram is needed.

If your current is getting you by then hold off but if it's no longer breaking speed records that you need it to. maybe time to jump into a new rx 480.

I would hold out for now…prices are inflated due to supply issues. They seem to be slowly coming down, but hopefully in the next while it will be sorted. That said I agree with soullessone that if you need it now a 480 is a good gpu. If you can hold out I would wait and see what the 490 brings to the table.

I can hold off my R9 380 still does well, even with my new LG UD58 B. Still get 40FPS and higher on 1440.
Dec and Jan not far away, So will see then what comes out..

I will not buy a Nvidia card, going to stick with AMD for now.