Figured John would like this story.


That's awesome and I read that before :),

The story of the black lab named reggie/tank was awesome to.

I rescue dogs so that they never have to suffer again and what people don't know that the media likes to try to make you think the opposite, Cops love Pitbulls.
Every cop I have met in this fine City loves them, owns them, trains them and goes to work with them. My poor Reggie pup(RIP) was loved by the cops and security guards who lived beside us.
They would even beg to walk him and spend time with him. They know the media likes to make them seem like monsters when its really the owners.

I have now owned two forever pitbulls that were massively abused and both of them love and respect our family like they came to us as puppies and never show their past horrifying lives.

Just like how my dog sleep the general opinion of these fine dogs is right upside down from what it should be

Great happy story. People see pitbull and freak out, when the dog is not acting any weird and it was just very exhousted and dehadratated. Poor doggie…  There are also dark line in this story, and that is this:
"My partner... was startled by my approach."
What mad cop this must be? When god is painting heavy and are happy to get watter, then what is wrong by providing it? Even worser is the line of thinking of him, sumarized into these lines:
"I suggested to him, that this dog cannot be put down..."
What? Poor doggie should be shoot dead by this killer, wearing uniform? Such people should be "put down" preemptively. There is no reason to use force, when there is no need to (eg. no-one is in any danger at all - except the poor, exhausted doggie is in danger of being put down by crazy officer) ... This is just common sense. The only justifiable use of force is in defense.

Great to hear that this worked out for the dog and he is saved and even found a new home. Fantastic!

IMHO the problem is, that media demonized pitbulls. Sure, their teeth grip is serious and one would be very mistaken, when underestiminating them by the not huge sheer size of the dog. Sure they can bite well and even kill - but they are (unless badly raised or threaten and beaten) nice and cool dogs.
And yes, some owners that raise them badly might crate a monster, that have to be killed ("put down" as they nicely put it to avoid the kill word) when attacting, and it will be necessary to do so.
But most pitbulls aren't like that and - as Soul nicely show - many could be resuscitated and brought back to enjoy the life and give hapinnes to Soul and his family and even friends! Hooray for that! Amazing, that the human and even dog mind can "squeeze out" the bad memories, when given time and care. We are not that different, from then, after all.

Thanks to Soulessone21 for the nice picture of his doggie! Cuddle him a bit for me too, it really seems to like it. Nice, nice… 🙂

My main issue with Pitbulls is not the dog, it's the owners. You get these douchebags who want pitbulls because they can trained into aggression and they really can look like big mean dogs.

My sister-in-law was at a party and was petting the owners pitbull, who at the time seemed like a sweet dog. Seconds later she was bit in the face and the dog just went ballistic. Stitches and plastic surgery needed…. The dog was put down and owners were charged with animal cruelty. It was obvious to the police that the owners were locking the dog up and abusing it.

Because of that incident, both my wife and sister-in-law will not go anywhere near a Pitbull. Sad.

How sad. This was yet another example, how the dog life can be deformed (and even ended) by bad owner.

How your sister-in-law face is fine and did not bear any marks from this. Of course, the main trauma is on the soul, so… I could not blame her. Interestingly... she was at party, did she drinked too? At least a little?