TV Build Time

So while I wait for my case to show up lets go over my new TV rig.

Z97I-AC MSI motherboard (Thanks for picking this up for me LPfan a while back)
i5-4670 (Great for my media rig and was free from a water damaged tower 🙂 )
8GB DDR3 1600 Corsair ram stolen from RX00's old rig
Stuck between using my GTX 950 or my GTX 750 Ti as the 950 would need to be pulled out from time to time as I use it in SOC reviews
XFX 750 Watt Modular PSU
Xigmatek C Nebula cheap as [email protected] Case 😛 waiting for this to show up.
Windows 10 plus Kodi

Plans for this rig is to play basic games on my TV, Run as much Kodi channels as possible and do on couch Twitch Streams.
Build log should be done as video but not 100% sure yet.

I'll keep you all posted

Phone was dead last night but will post pix today,

was very shocked when the case said 80mm cpu cooler max as I jammed in a Be Quiet Pure Rock 120mm I had kicking around.

Scrapped using my XFX psu will move that to my Techbench for now as I was wrong and thought my old psu was modular but when I removed it from the dusty case it was hidden in I found it to be all cable no modules 😛

Threw a cheap 250 watt SFX psu into the case for now will make a full adapter for it later.

put a old adata 240gb SSD into it last night and loaded 10 pro on it.

Rig seems snappy wifi and BT detected right away. before I left for work it was just updating.

So thoughts on the case, it's bigger then I expected, sides come off easily but not too easy as in they will not be bumped off. Rear fan is a little loud and will be replaced with a noctua or Corsair one.

Did not plug any LED's in as well it's beside my TV and that's not a "bright" Idea so just the power button is plugged in for the front panel.

The USB 3 and audio was super nice cables were almost too long but no big deal, liked how the usb cables are flat like a sata cable very nice design.

Cable management did not exist in this case and a modular psu is a must, for now using a tiny psu is nice but still too many cables for my liking.

End specs are slightly different then start
SFX 250 watt psu (can't remember brand)
8GB DDR3 1600 Crucial Vengeance ram
i5 4570 turbos to 3.6 and
slim gtx 750 ti, got a bunch at work and liked them so convinced a rep to let me keep on free 🙂
240GB Adata/Sandisk cant remember cheap ssd
win 10 pro
think I will throw a bigger HDD into it soon above the ssd as well cuz… why not?

Tonight I will have photos and more testing see how it does on a good stress test

when hockey is over I will open it up for good pix

She kinda is using it to stream the game right now haha

still need to clean up cords but think I will just get a nice smaller ATX psu for the rig

the gap is for airflow 😛 yah lets go with that haha

So the case says 80mm cpu cooler height max but this nice 120mm cooler fit in issue free

Good spacing with the gpu and cpu cooler for airflow

really need to clean up those cables and the stock top fan is way too loud need to swap that out in time.

Nice set up,built mine last week. I'm using GTX 550Ti.