In-law Gaming Build

Father in laws old amd rig finally died so this week we upgraded him.

H170 Gaming M3 MSI Board
i7 6700
16gb ddr4 2133 corsair
Corsair CS650M
EVGA 1070 8GB ACX 3.0
Coolermaster Hyper T2 Cooler
Some Corsair case that looked snazy haha

Loaded up with windows 10 and the rig is a beast, runs super cold and is running a raid 0 dual 480gb Intel SSD's

Wow. Nice rig for him. Way better than mine!

Do you know what case it was?

Better gpu then I have to 😞

Carbide spec-alpha.

Memx has on clearance for $45 Cuz they said it was missing the hdd mounts and screws. But they were stuck under the front and top plates hahahhaha
It was new so their loss my gain 🙂