Is there a way to repair Ram slots?

I dug out an old DFI lanparty DK p35 motherboard was having some issues with it restarting and it ended up being a couple of things the first was the old case was shorting the motherboard so I fixed that but then I broke off two off the locks on the end of two of the ram slots now the ram will sit in there and I can fire up the PC but as soon as there is a game or something eles loaded up and running I get the BSOD , now I am not sure if it is becasue of the ram slots or it could be the old windows XP x64 OS bit I did pull the two ram sticks out of those ram slots I don't ghet the BSOD . I might tr a different OS while I wait and see what people suggest here.
but in the mean time is there any fix for the ram slot problem.
Wha tI want to do is get this sysme as solid as possible then possibly donate it to someone.
oh and buy the way I just noticed this site soullessone21 .

another question I have is how do I make it so that after I get this system up and working properly how do I make it so that if the person I donate this to sells this I can find out that they did is ther ea way to kind of brand it saying something like this system has been donated

Wellcome here, mate! 😉

As far, as the ram slots problem go, well… have you considered the possibility, that when the case shorted the mainboard, it could get damaged? The rams should be fine w/o the locks (just hard to pull out, if they are crowded), but I would test that mobo first by memtest (with all the rams) and then with Prime95 stress test in Windows, set for ram stress:

(the memory to use set about 200MB less that you have physical memory)

As far as the selling of donated hardware do… then I have idea. If I mod some bios, then I usually stick my nick into it, so at boot it write on screen:

So anyone can see your message there AND person who cannot edit the bios (assuming the mobo got award bios that can be opened in ModBin) will not get rid of it. Or at least not easily. Similar could be done to graphic card bios… 🙂

Well figure outwhy I was getting BSOD it was windowsxpx64 did a reinstall and it wtill happened sso I installed (Dual boot) windows 8 and no more BSOD

Interesting. Then it is not the hardware, but probably the drivers… 🙂 What about Win7? Or other drivers for WinXP?
(I like WinXP more, to be honest)

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