Ok nice a simple one for you guys,

Things you will need,
-Calamari rings 3LB (superstore,walmart fuck any big ass poor people food store sells them:P)
-Deep Fryer (buy a small one their cheaper and easier to clean but if you can afford one a oil free is the way to go)
-Butter Milk 2 Cups
-Flower all purpose 3 cups
-Kosher Salt 1 Tablespoon

-Red Onions
-Added spices

Now this is friggen simple

Step one
-Defrost the Calamari

Step two
-In a big bowl or freezer bag mix the Calamari and Butter milk together and refrigerate for at least a hour
(this will remove that rubbery feeling some restaurants have with their Calamari)

Step three
-heat up the oil up to 375-400f as well as the oven to 200f

Step Four
-in another large bowl mix the flour and salt,( (optional) add your own spices are well I recommend a tablespoon of smoked paprika)

Step five
-Grab a hand full or so of the calamari rings with a strainer to remove excess milk and mix them in the flower mixture, throw them into the fryer from there for 1 minute to a minute and 30 seconds. or until golden

Step six
-Put cooked rings on a oven safe plate or what not in the oven,

Step seven
-Repeat five and six till their all cooked

Step eight
-Eat them!!!