Clash of the Titans: AMD Ryzen 7 vs Intel 6950X, 6900K & 7700K Review

Today on the tech bench we have the full Ryzen 7 AMD lineup as well as intels best CPU's to see who comes out on top

"With unfortuante regularity Intel has been the dominate player the high-end mainstream and enthusiast corner of the markets for the past couple generations. This is because much like what Intel did with their Pentium 4 series… AMD went down a CPU design road that did not quite pan out like they had hoped it would. Don’t get us wrong AMD’s Bulldozer based designs (like the Excavator) were fantastic value CPUs but they never were able to quite match Intel’s latest and greatest. This lack of true competition is why Intel has gotten downright miserly with their performance improvements in each new generation. So much so that when looking only at Intel 115x CPUs its pretty darn hard to justify upgrading from a Z87 Haswell system to a Z270 Kaby Lake system! Intel’s socket 2011-v3 is even worse with prices that are so high you need a mortgage to afford them."

Clash of the Titans: AMD Ryzen R7 vs Intel 6950X, 6900K & 7700K

Thanks for the review GaK. Looks like a lot of work went into it. I gave it a quick skim, but will have to do a proper read later.