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Real Hardware Reviews Patreon

Our plan is to eventually drop all the site ads but maybe a side bar. Before Google's switch up the ads were covering site costs but with their new ads issues this is not the case.

Any donation made goes into the site for reviews and giveaways.

If you have any suggestions please mention them here. Also we will throw some Patreon giveaways live soon as well.

Thank you everyone and have a epic day.

Guys and gals the Patreon has been going super well lately and covering our giveaways and request reviews but I would love some suggestions such as.

Donation levels, with level names
Commenter level names on here
Additional items for patrons such as case badges and vinyls
Will also be getting new mugs soon so if you want one normal sized, large or travel mug comment here will post new styles and mugs we are setup for btc, PayPal or EMT 🙂

Thanks all and thank you for our best year yet. real Hardware Reviews will be at ltx 2019 so if you want coverage just say so happy to do some videos there 🙂