Mantle support grow

Looks like BF4 Mantle support (likely due for Xmass, possibly can give up to 20% more fps - speculation) is not alone. Other that Frostbite engines aim for Mantle support - and developer studio Rebellion make it's stance behind Mantle too (kinda interesting, because we did not seen yet what this Mantle low-level driver can do, bypassing DirectX with more direct HW approach).

First game with Mantle support will be the Sniper Elite 3 in 2014.


So to make a quick recap, Mantle will be supported:

  • games:
              o Battlefield 4 (Q4 2013)
              o Command & Conquer: Generals 2 (canceled?)
              o Dragon Age: Inquisition (Q3 2014)
              o Mass Effect (2014)
              o Mirror's Edge 2
              o Need for Speed series
              o Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Q1 2014)
              o Thief (Q1 2014)
              o Sniper Elite 3 (2014)
              o Star Citizen (Q4 2014)
              o Star Wars: Battlefront (2015?)

  • engines:
              o Asura
              o Frostbite 3
              o Nitrous

  • studios:
              o Cloud Imperium Games
              o DICE
              o Eidos
              o Oxide Games
              o Rebellion

Looks good, with such level of support it won't take long, before someone write a nVidia Mantle driver for more FPS  😄

Oh I am so in Plants VS Zombies can now play at 20k FPS with Mantel on my 290 haha.

Maybe thats to benefit the low end gpus on the game 🙂

Happy to see more games on these lists hope it pushes AMD ahead a bit and give the APU's some horse power they really need