MSi Enters the Controller Market with the GC30 & GC20
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MSI Force GC30 and GC20 New Wireless and Wired Game Controllers

MSi Force GC30 and GC20 are the all-new game controllers from MSI. These new controllers are cross-platform working on Windows, Android and popular gaming consoles easily. Unlike most controllers on the market, you can go from a normal 4-way D-pad to an 8-way D-pad easily by adding a metal cover that is magnetically attached.

Msi Froce GC30 and GC20

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Why, MSI? Looks like a shitty Xbone controller

RHR Crew


Why, MSI? Looks like a shitty Xbone controller

HAHA I was thinking the same if it is cheap enough it will have a market but if it costs more then a xbone one then it will not sell at all

Concur with it being an Xbox controller…that said I still find xbox360 controllers to be the best in hand.

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