BlazeTorch - Childhood Dream Achieved Night Vision Goggles!! – 04:54
— Real Hardware Reviews

The BlazeTorch is an awesome tool for anyone, Price update is $1699 but even at that price, it is perfect for anyone in search in rescue or into anything active at night.

In our testing we found the BlazeTorch to be extremely comfortable and Blaze also offers a Glasses insert for anyone with Glasses.

Only big complaint is the MicroSD slot seems was a little annoying to work with but other than that it is a great unit and was far more fun than expected to test.

"Remove the cloak of darkness and discover nature’s night side. Start your own journey and experience new adventures with BlazeTorch. Put on BlazeTorch and move through the night, hands free. Record your adventure in HD quality video. Upload and share your adventure with nighttime enthusiasts worldwide on the Blaze night portal. Bring On The Night with BlazeTorch!"

-Sub-lux night sensor
-SXGA (1280 x 1024) OLED micro optical system
-HD video/audio recording
-Up to 128GB SD card
-Built-in IR illuminator
-Up to 3 hours on internal Li-ion battery
-Flip up/down micro display module
-Revision Desert Locus™ Goggle System, meets professional safety requirements
-USB Charge Cable included