Got a Mac Pro A1186 / 1,1 this weekend and think it would make for great project and a nice thing to put all the mac pro guides into one place.

Plans for the Mac "Not so" Pro are:
-Bios upgrade from 1,1 to 2,1 (better cpu compatibility)
-Dual quad-cores, one of the guys I work with has a bunch of the 2.66ghz x5355's so those should do nicely (Currently the system is running dual x5150 dual cores)
-16GB DDR2 FDimm upgrade or 32gb if I can get a second riser super cheap (think there is currently like 2GB in the rig)
-OSX El Capitan as well as windows 10 pro 64
-HDD Upgrade as right now it has nothing haha, 2x120gb SSD's and 2 1TB or whatever I have in my spare box with half on windows half on osx
-Upgrade the GPU and go over ATI/AMD Flashing tool for EFI vBios currently, I have a few 4870's so might throw one in or go all out with something like a GTX 680 using Nvidias tools, current system gpu is a GT 7300.

Plan to test the system as is on a few benchmarks and put windows on bootcamp and do the same to get a baseline.

Also plan to do everything in stages to cover what benefits each upgrade provides, where possible

Once this is complete I will start the upgrade and build Vlog.