Hope you enjoy your holidays everyone.

Also can't wait for us to all join you again for reviews and a massive giveaway in the new year.

Small updates from the crew Gak is back after a massive house fire no one was hurt and it was months back but that is why his reviews slowed down.

Soul myself had my third child a boy Cohen 5 months back whom was a grumpy baby so recording was hindered. He is now super happy in our brand new to us home we bought at the start of the month so reviews inbound from me soon.

Rx00 Davide is hitting the phone reviews hard and admin work so we all appreciate his hard professional work.

Kyle well Kyle is Kyle he does reviews when he feels like it but we still love him.

Arinoth has been busy with life and moves but hope his game reviews start up again soon.

Supafly is still being a great mod and we appreciate his hard work hope he will bring the crypto chat back in the new year.

Silver vanished on us but we all hope he is well and returns to the fold asap.

To all our great readers, viewers and posters we love you all and hope to see you all 10 fold in the new year.

Happy holidays