RHR Crew

So moved in over a month back and have been getting into the reno heavily the last few days.

Before I moved in:

Move in:

Now the changes are starting

(Above there is no power in my office yet so as you can see I ran the cords through the wall and same with my network cables 😛

Cleared off above wall need to remove this wall completely to move it up a few feet

Put up the door "Kinda" its bolted in but not fitted yet and that wall has to come down so… a little bit of a waste of time but meh haha

Sadly the wall goes into another so it will need to be cut out and modified before moved but might have to pay someone to do this

Need to still get the new outlets and my Cat6 keystones and stuff that were ordered a year back from NCIX but guess since they went under I will have to go elsewhere.

  • Outlets

  • Insulation

  • Drywall

  • Green Glue

  • Resilent chambers

  • Resilent clips

  • Green Calking

  • The Wall moved

Once above is done I will them create a floating desk on 3 walls 1 for builds and a corner desk for my main rig

RHR Crew

Big Update,

Well insulated a wall that is not getting upgraded with new outlets

From there my buddy Kevin came over and noticed our power in the basement was ummm fucked yah there is no nice way of saying it so he upgraded us with a new SUBPANEL!!!!!

He also removed all the doubled up breakers and is wiring the office with more outlets

now for the fun part… Goodbye crapy wall

All cleared out now its time to remove more walls but for now I go back to work.

Looks like it's all coming together. Getting a new place the way you want it always takes some time.

RHR Crew

Thanks, really looking forward to this being done and doing reviews again.

Also I'm sure my daughter will be happy when her room has power again hahaha

RHR Crew

New panel is done now

Time to get the router and modem wall done and snazzy maybe I'll setup a open air system here to unsure

Room is expanding even more now. There are now about 6 dedicated 15 amp quad plugins now and 6 recessed lights going in.

Next weekend the wall should go up then I hit the insulation all over then drywall and finishing 🙂

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