ISON - tomorrow it will slingshot around the Sun

So, our little ISON comet is diving into the Sun and if it survive the slingshot around it (well, the tidal forces will be enormous and if it survive, then we know that this one is from pretty solid material, not some loose group of rocks and ice or similar weak things), then we shall see a beautifull show, when it will depart to outher space from the Sun  😉

Today the ISON enter the SOHO satelite, monitoring Sun (yes, this behing the clone on the arm from top-right to center), view ange:

SOHO 1418 ISON diving in2

I quess I did not need to tell, witch one is the ISON, do I…? 🙂

And it approaching the Sun with amazing speed. Actuall images you can find there:

Beautifull animation from the SOHO frames bring us the Suspicious0bservers on YouTube today:
5MIN News November 27, 2013: ISON on SOHO, Big Sunspots Cresting Now – 05:14
— Suspicious0bservers

…and even back in 20.11. we seen ISON as little speck (compared to the Earth and Mercury) on images from the Stereo satelite:
Evening News Nov.20.2013 - ISON Intact, Spaceweather – 01:19
— Suspicious0bservers

So, I hope you are excited as I'm to look at the show, that is unfolding right now as we speak  😉

Sice I did not count on clean skies in the morning… but satelites seems to work well:

previous gifs:
(soon we did not see her 😞 )

Lots of nice ISON photos on Bruce Gary site:

Such as:

ISON Nov16 Waldemar Skorupa

ISON Nov15 Damien Peach.

700 000 km/h speed dive around the Sun. Oh my…  Let's hope she stays intact and survive the slingshot 😄 Updated the GIF image to the latest I managed to get from the overhelmed SOHO website. Now it will be interesting to wait for the todays perihelium 😉
(18:44 UT(GMT) 😄 )

Looks like that just like the comet Lovejoy in 2011:

…the comet ISON make it and it is moving far from the Sun and starting to brighten up back again, just like Lovejoy:

Lasco C2 ISON

ISON made it thru

Stereo ISON shoot

Kolem Slunce si to hnala rychlostí přes 1 milion 300 000 km/h….!

...and soon there will be much better quality images that these almost realtime previews. It will look like this:

SOHO ISON C2 last moment

Much better, huh? 🙂

thats some pretty cool shi.  Too bad my telescope isn't cut out for this kind of thing 😞

Definitively it is a great show and nice drama, when some proclamed that the comet is dead… However... ISON is back up in full swing 😄

Remember Lovejoy? Check this out:

(you cannot tell me, witch speck of dust is the comet Lovejoy, right? Yet still no talks about Lovejoy died, lol…)

Check the video!

She also dimmed out pretty much near the Sun and brighten up only when it was at some distance from it. Therefore the same is happening to ISON 😉 In fact, ISON is buch brighter already...!

She made it, guys. Hooray!

I hate to say that this is the end, but it probably it. We see what turn out to be left of it later  :-[