Video Creation Critique

Hey guys, With the help from John and a bit of experimenting and being out of work for 4 months, I needed something to occupy my time. I have decided to dabble in video creation and to keep my sanity and keep busy.

I am looking for truthful and honest feedback about this to help better my creations. I already have learned a few things.

  1. GoPros are ok but not that great for low light
  2. Shotcut as a video editor is horrible and while it works for basic things, to get more advanced it just… fails
  3. The case for a GoPro is an audio killer and works better with it off
  4. My next video I am intending to try shooting at 30fps instead of the 60fps that I shot at to help reduce noise in the videos

This link is set to private and will make it public unless its a really bad video and needs to be reworked. Please give me your honest feedback and I will take it and improve.


Jeep Cherokee - Cylinder Head Install – 22:44
— Toolshed Adventures

So I have taken the feedback from everyone and will be improving.

I have placed an order for a skeleton case, clamp mount, microphone, and some new batteries; Kyle said he may have a tripod to help as well.

Don't waste your time with software and just get Premiere. I am not a fan of the subscription model but it works. Also as I thought I had a Hero4 Black it turns out to be a Silver but I have a great offer for a Black I am taking and will shoot in higher than 1080p.

Once figured out and gotten better I may look into a drone for some aerial stuff even though the laws are brutal here.

For tripods I have like 5 your welcome to keep one of my cheaper ones.

Audio is key as many people zone out of watching and just listen these days.

The video looked fine it was audio so happy to hear of the upgrades. Premiere has lots of add-ons so make use of them where you can.

A guy named bearing on YouTube did a video about audio a while back I found really helpful. I'll find you the link.

Getting sound to sound radder ... with me, Bearing – 04:48
— Bearing

Also just do your own thing do what you enjoy and try and make it your own.

Good luck and keep it up

This video did not turn as I would have like due to many complications including the fact that apparently on the GoPros some of them have a wifi/microphone issue that ends up causing a helicopter sound in the audio. So I did what I could with the footage and added some extra funny stuff and played around with music/transitions a bit more.

Magnetic Camera Mount – 05:11
— Toolshed Adventures

This video turned out better for me but I discovered the led shop lights put a weird haze on my camera so I had to use a makeshift hood which comes into view later on.

Dirty B**ches, Valve Covers and Broken AC – 14:04
— Toolshed Adventures

Couple videos released… Playing around with different things and stuff to see what flows and works best.

Frost Plugs, Water Pumps & Intake Manifolds
This one I looked at doing more cuts and taking "dead air" out of the video, but it felt like it created too much jerkiness
Frost Plugs, Water Pumps & Intake Manifolds – 25:30
— Toolshed Adventures

Jeep Cherokee - Exhaust Manifold Repair
This I played around with adding a small intro and cleaned up the exit. Also added some music to certain areas when volume had to be changed out.
Jeep Cherokee - Exhaust Manifold Repair – 11:45
— Toolshed Adventures