Ryzen7 2700X @ 4.55 GHz

Spent some time last week with the new CPUs and when I was done gathering my info I hooked the 2700x/MSI Gaming7 up to the cold loop and gave it a good stretch. Ram is G.Skill 3200 Flarex at 3733 CL14 ~ 1.6Vand CPU was at 1.5V

0_1524245337398_2700x 4.55 GHz.JPG

Got the RAM up to 4000 MHz CL14 rockin for Ryzen

0_1524323377434_4000 aida.JPG

0_1524323393078_cb15 4.55 4000 2101.JPG

0_1524323409566_cb11 4.55 4000 22.81.JPG

Nice work! How high did you manage on what would be 24/7 stable?

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Nice work! How high did you manage on what would be 24/7 stable?

The included sNIPER 3400 RAN AT 3600 on stock timings/1.4V aida64 STABLE, i HAVE TRIED A FEW DIFFERENT COMBOS WITH 3800 BUT CAN'T SEEM TO STABILIZE IT YET. oNE THING i CAN'T FIND IN THIS bios IS THE vddp/CACHE VOLTAGE. Ha Caps lock lol
This is what I think I need but don't want to up the RAM voltage to raise it either.

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Bit of an update. I managed to stabilize the Sniper 3400 which is Samsung "B" btw at 3600 with decent sub-timings. I wanted to keep a normalish voltage as a 24/7 setting. The DRAM was at 1.46V and SOC at 1.15V which could probably be lower, just wanted a solid base for further tweaking. At this speed, it's pretty sensitive for actual stability and no luck at all with CL14 with normal voltages.

0_1524655806788_aida 2 hrs 16-16-16-34.JPG
0_1524655823399_cache 3600.JPG