2700X 5.5 GHz

Just wanted to share a few pics. It was actually one messed up benching session. Started Friday around 9 AM, just got everything nicely wound up and going well when the power went out. Nasty wind storm here and it was out until Saturday morning. I tried running again but things must have been wet somewhere, dried it out best I could but missed something and Saturday was a write-off. While the power was down I did use the opportunity for a photoshoot, that could be why the HW was wetter than normal.

0_1525703661651_cb15 2504.JPG
0_1525703674661_3dvan 2700x.jpeg
0_1525703692951_lotsa smoke.JPG

It's a ton of fun though. Once you go that cold nothing else is the same after that. Trust me I have good days and bad. That one wasn't great but I didn't kill anything that I know of so it's a win in my books.