Fallout 76

Fallout 76 – Official Teaser Trailer – 01:35
— Bethesda Softworks

Will post any updates I see here,

There are some Bethesda posts about it having multiplayer aspects and it is pre fallout 3, so sounds good thus far

PS Arinoth it will be epic shut your Witcher loving ass up 😛

I definitely look forward to seeing/hearing more about this, but better then Witcher, on what looks like the Fallout 4 Engine, and NOT by Obsidian?

Fallout 76 – Official Trailer – 02:54
— Bethesda Softworks

Multiplayer may throw lots of people off but all and all it looks great to me :).

Love the mothman over the bridge in the one scene.

Honestly think this fallout will have a place in my house with the wife, some friends and family and myself playing it.

Thinking of buy this game with the Helmet, Wear it while playing the game.. lol

Fully agree with the helmet as I may or may not of been planing the same 😛 haha

Fallout 76 – Official Live Action Trailer – 01:01
— Bethesda Softworks

Beta this week and even as a huge fallout fan bethesda was shady as fuck with the beta and preorder promises. Guess like every other company they are now on my never preorder list now 😞

Great live action video though

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Whoever gets into the beta please share your thoughts as the missus and I were thinking of this to become our next game to play together but if it is going to end up a large steaming pile...would want to not waste a 160$+ CAD on two licenses.

@Arinoth said in Fallout 76:

Whoever gets into the beta please share your thoughts as the missus and I were thinking of this to become our next game to play together but if it is going to end up a large steaming pile...would want to not waste a 160$+ CAD on two licenses.

I'll give you a heads up, wife and I have the Beta and will post some videos of our play on here 😄

Tonight's beta was absolutely amazing, truly shocked how much I enjoyed it and ever met a rando who we wrecked the Appalachia together haha. Quests are simple to track and teaming up is fun and simple.

Playing as a group can be awesome and charisma perks help your team
Playing alone is no issue at all as you can spec for it and a team is not required for quests
Group/world events can be a great time, screw what old ass oxhorn said these are a ton of fun.
Tons of new weapons and enemies
Survival mode is more like survival light but it makes sense and all the new diseases and whatnot are actually funny and make sense (I got Swamp-Crotch from a used bedroll) haha

Chat is odd no push to talk and everyone anywhere near you hears you, you can change chat modes but no push to talk at this time
Don't like no living human npcs still think this is Bethesda being epically lazy
Menu needs work and feels a little buggy
game felt a little sluggish but think a reboot would help this after install
Quests can feel a little bugged at time and a bit of a walking simulator

Did I mention I hate the no npc's haha
chasing after an overseer is just retarded no one cares about a vault tech pawn
the new controls feel a little odd but get better and better as you change the hot keys haha
Quest glitches can feel game breaking but breath and take your time they can be resolved
The Beta feels like a total lazy scam and the fact there only few a short time on specific days really erks me the wrong way

I will update and add more as time goes on and more betas are done, will also edit up some gameplay so I can show off the game a little better even if it is just downloaded from my stream

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Almost forgot


Level cap on items so you may find a gun but not be high enough level to use it, sometimes by 20 levels.

This is a total joke for a fallout game, BETHESDA!!! go play 1 2 and tactics and look at the stat locks those are more of an immersive "not strong enough for an ultra heavy rifle, ok better kill more and get stronger" "this new EMP gun requires some smarts to use it, better read some more books"

Not, "hey looks a .45 handgun 6 shooter, some invisible wall will not let me put this in my hand and pull the trigger, What wasteland gods have done this?"

Now will this change by launch? most likely no but it is fun watching other game devs make fun of Bethesda for this, even Gearbox is chiming in on this.

Killed a Grafton monster alone was a lot of fun 🙂

If you follow us on twitter you should of seen this image, named "Canadian Invasion :)"


Lastly I found a perdy dress and beer hat and used it to add some sex appeal to fallout 76.

Tonight I get a real base made for Passion and myself to use as a home in Fallout 76

Enjoy the game a little more every day but even more angry about no NPCs more you play the more you want to go to Bethesda and kick Todd right in the nutz

0_1542747452880_2018-11-19 (2).png
4 Score and 7 Years ago... nvm made a new settlement right outside a spawn point and watch the fun unfold for hours and hours

Passion put the gun down, Vault-Tec has already done all the damage it can 😛

@Soullessone21 said in Fallout 76:

oint and watch the fun unfold for hours and hours

So how are you liking this game? Much time into it? A worthy game?

@Bond007 said in Fallout 76:

@Soullessone21 said in Fallout 76:

oint and watch the fun unfold for hours and hours

So how are you liking this game? Much time into it? A worthy game?

Loaded questions 😛 haha Really am enjoying it but I also look at it like DayZ first year that I loved even though it was a walking simulator. I have been enjoying it, love the team play but god damn the glitches are a pain in the ass for sure. the lack of polish is really seen all over. Cheating seems to already be seen as nukes fly endlessly as of late. My wife and I found some nuke keys under level 10 though which was nice.

Random spawn errors for enemies can really tick you off as we have been on the way to low level quests and level 50+ enemies random spawn in your area and you're just done.

I do stream a few times a week on the RHR channel now to so check it out there

Spent about 24 hours into the game now mostly helping people out and playing through side quests with the wife, she is more of a completionist then myself so we spend a lot of time on side quests.

I enjoy the base building and have been having a lot of fun with it even if parts of it are broken.

Is it worth buying?? No. sadly not at this time, I would wait a few months for them to fix all their issues, if my wife played Black Ops I would be playing that with her right now but shes a MMO player so fallout is good for our game time.

When you hear the "NPC DLC" update happen then I would say to get the game or when its price drops by 50%

Bethesda, EA(ed) us on this game with really just throwing a sandbox at us and hoping we would do the work for them. I am tempted to do a 20 hour review but at the same time would rather focus on hardware reviews.

so Quick answers TL;DR
Enjoying it: Yes with a major caveat of it needs work
Time spent in game: around a Day of just having fun messing around and fighting with bugs
Worth buying? Not for $80, not for $60, hard sell at $40 but under that maybe at this time, they need to no mans sky this game and really rebuild it from the ground up and give us some damn NPC's and story

Had our first run-in with a Deathclaw last night.... make that two.

Passion just ran in with no power armor, but myself and Kevin thought otherwise haha

Needless to say we destroyed them issue free, the worse part was we ran into them as we were running from a Scorch Beast.

Really enjoyed the lower West corner of the map tons of waves of enemies and some epic high level loot.

Got some awesome shots last night 0_1542983394751_2018-11-22.png
If only in real life had signs like this, nice way to clean up stupid 😛

0_1542983497273_2018-11-22 (1).png
Came for the hot dogs left with some fresh honey and "bee dogs" haha

Building my Raider armor bit by bit but really hate the level cap on amour as I have tons of power armor way out of my level

PS my new weapon is a sword guitar and it's awesome

The missus and I are still enjoying this game, though we're taking it at a fairly slow normal pace. I hit level 20 over the weekend and she'll be close to, too.

@Arinoth We took some time off waiting for the new patch due to bugs making some of the quests we were on unplayable. plus the fact we kept getting lever 50's randomly in our level 20 area making for insta death over and over and over.

tonight or tomorrow I will jump back in