Kingston HyperX Predator RGB Review

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We heard about Kingston’s new HyperX Predator RGB line of DDR4 at CES 2018 and now thanks to Kingston we have a 4 x 8 GB, a quad-channel set of DDR4-2933 MHz RAM to put through the paces today. What makes this memory unique is an industry-first, Infrared Sync technology to keep your RAM modules synchronized with each other regardless of the system. Paired with an aggressive heatsink design, we have one sharp looking set of DDR4 which easily fits into any system build. Let’s get a closer look at what HyperX has served up for us.
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oooh sexy, not sold on RGB except for marketing events and displays but still looks great, thanks for sharing

I'm with you on that sentiment but it's all the rage you know. Going to be out for adoption soon too.

I'm thinkin 400 and I'll ship