The wife's new 4k tv gaming rig

About 6 months back now my wife's i5 4570 its rig finally died either CPU or motherboard have not overly tested.

So I started getting new parts over time to replace it.

First #coolermaster Q300L matx case with some btc from newegg.
Then a #zotac mini 1070 ti from a buddy during a large btc for gear trade.
#ballistix through in a nice 4x4gb ddr4 3000 kit of sexy silver ram
Bought the #gigabyte b350 gaming 3 board from newegg for $55 openbox and with btc
#seasonic 550 watt psu as part of a auction of power supplies I won.
Old #adata ssd 240gb from the wife's old rig till her new drive shows up.
Then #amd 1600x from Johan with rgb fan for a awesome deal thanks buddy.

Then i built it haha.

5_1533500762971_20180802_222305.jpg 4_1533500762954_20180803_080006.jpg 3_1533500762934_image-20180802_220429.jpg 2_1533500762906_20180802_222138.jpg 1_1533500762854_IMG_20180803_101025_788.jpg 0_1533500762791_20180802_213503.jpg

Shes already got it going and I'll do some temp and gaming tests shortly.

The Ryzen is a great cpu, still using my 1700X @4.1GHz all 8 cores.
She will be able to stream now, she can start her own youtube channel.. lol

@yzfraven haha shes more looking forward to fallout 76 and horrible reality TV. Her roccat sova lapboard shows up next week to so she can couch game.

Can't wait to review that keyboard.

Yea I can wait for Fallout 76 as well. Yea like to see the review on the keyboard.

@yzfraven I'll send you a discord invite later to the fsf my gaming crew when fo76 comes out make sure to join us 🙂

On the end of the roccat keyboard I was super excited when corsair came out with the lapdog till I saw the price for their overpriced particleboard and plastic microwave dinner tray. No keyboard or mouse included and more than the roccat version with its included keyboard a addon mouse and the code of a few good games.

Think for the price roccat should be destroying corsair accessories.

Thanks I will join for sure.

Those keyboard look way nicer.

@yzfraven said in The wife's new 4k tv gaming rig:

Yea I can wait for Fallout 76 as well. Yea like to see the review on the keyboard.

Same, the missus and I are cautiously optimistic about the game but are waiting on more information about it to come out before making the full plunge to buying the game.

Sadly price won't grab people in until they start to make serious waves, maybe that time will be soon though, we'll see after the review of it.