MS Office 2019

Any one else trying out the late beta...err... 'commercial preview' of office 2019?
So far kinda liking it. Sort of Office 365 without the subscription. Not much has changed... but dark theme + blue background + white text reminds me so much of the last office version I really loved (2003).
NOT loving C2R install only option. Not loving intelligence services (aka spyware... but can be deactivated). But yeah its nice to see a bit more polish on the old girl.

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I wonder if they've fixed a lovely bug I've found where certain Word Documents worked fine in 2013 become laggy as hell in Office 365.

thanks for sharing Gak I will have to give it a shot 🙂

Send me a copy of one of 'those' docx file and I will find out. 🙂

Unfortunately I can't, will just have to wait and see eventually or eventually forget about it.