Shoving square pegs into a round hole - Project HTPC Upgrade

After swapping the 1070Ti into my main rig, I had the smart idea of shoehorning the now homeless 1070 into my HTPC. This gets me two things: 4K output and some casual mining during my time at work.

My HTPC resides in a Silverstone GD06, which is a mATX HTPC case with 3x 3.5" and 1x 2.5" mounts. Since it's pulling double duty as my NAS, I loved the storage options. Sadly this will be my downfall in the end.

Here's ground zero. Gigantic mess of cables and ghetto ass ziptied GPU fan. Plus I've never pulled the intake fan filters off before. Not pictured: The 350W Antec Basiq PSU that was woefully under powered for a 1070.

alt text
alt text
alt text

First course of action when shoving a lot of power into a small place - Fans. More specifically, Gentle Typhoon 1850's and a fan controller to calm them down. There's three intake fans and a bunch of venting +the GPU fan to act as the exhaust.

alt text

Problem one - The new PSU is barely too damn long and blocks the hotswap HDD cage from being reinstalled. I decided to remove the cage from the top bracket and stack the HDDs on the ground using motherboard standoffs as spacers and thick double sided tape for minor vibration reduction.

alt text
alt text

Jump ahead a bit and the HDDs are sitting in their makeshift home, the new fans are installed with their controller, and the 1070 is in. Of course the spaghetti mess of cables returns.

alt text

But wait, here's giant problem number two. Ain't nobody got space for that!

alt text

And with that final hurdle, I accepted my fate and made a new purchase. That's for a later date though...

Damn sounds like a interesting journey, make sure to keep us posted on act two

Thanks for sharing

I remember having that case, I am not surprised the surprises you found trying to upgrade your HTPC with a full sized card.

Wouldn't have been as bad if I had a video card with the 8 pin power on the end on the card.

To add to the fun, the new case has its own slew of issues. Can't win when you're trying to be a cheap ass.

@lpfan4ever The solution message John for a better case for a review, but then again if you fail to review it in a timely matter then Cino will make you his [email protected]#$h haha

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