MOBO is done for or easy to repair?

I was swapping GPU in my HTPC and the plastic bracket of the pcie lane came off 😞

Easy to fix?

alt text

What model msi board is that?

I have had two people drop off computers like that and never had luck fixing them sadly 😞

Made my GF try, no luck haha. You found a good deal thanks!

I have never seen that before. That sucks. Good luck trying to sort it.

It's sadly common. Seen it on a few Asus boards and even 2 msi boards right out of the box with the pcie socket being lifted up already.

There are lots of good open box replacements at newegg right now got 2 boards lately that way that look amazing a gigabyte for the wifes build and a z270 msi for a buddy.

I would highly doubt this is something that would be easily repaired at home sadly.