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SMSL Sanskrit 6 DAC
SMSL sApII headphone amp
Generic tube preamp (fx-audio tube-03)
Sennheiser HD6XX
Sennheiser HD598Cs

Have a pair of Micca MB42x's, a 2.1 50w/100w speaker amp, replacement GE tubes, soldering iron & supplies to make my own cables, and a pair of Sennheiser HD660s's coming in the mail as well

Got a lot of upgrades on the way but currently.
Focusrite scarlet solo 212 with all gold xlr cables
Mx770 condenser mic
Cheap boom arm
Upgrading to new mixer and adding a new xlr shotgun mic when my blackmagic pocket 4k shows up
0_1536261156283_20180903_210620.jpg 1_1536261171864_20180903_210612.jpg 0_1536261171840_20180903_210633.jpg

Headset is just a revolver s will go to audiophile high end some day hahaha

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