payment from copay - coincards

Having never done anything with the little btc I have sitting in a copay wallet, I have been looking into ways of getting some of it out. Coincards seems like a simple way, but also seems strick on payment amounts and the time to have payment processed (justifiably so). Coincard’s site also mentions about not paying using a wallet that is going to take a portion of the payment, since this will reduce the amount they get.

My question is, will I have issues paying using copay to something like coincards? If so, what’s going to be the simplest/best way for me to get from random numbers in copay to something I can use?

I have been using copay for some time for my newegg account issue free. But I have not tried with any of the gift card sites.

A few guys on here have most likely though:)

Thanks for the info. What payment speed do you typically use? I will check out newegg as well...I am thinking I may go for a new monitor with my bit of btc. We will see.

Anyone else use copay/coincards together? Seems good to just have gift cards. I didn’t realise newegg was still taking payment in btc though.

Bit of an update incase anyone references this. I decided to transfer a small amount of my bitcoin (fraction thereof) using coincards. Like any review I had seen, it was dead simple, fast and easy. Plugged my webcam into my pc to scan the amount owing from coincards, which was instantly recognized by coincards/copay. Amazon egift card was in my email within a couple hours (not sure exactly how long).

Thank you for that info. It was helpful for me.

I have not looked at my tiny (few) coins in more than a year. Kinda scares me TBH. I was thinking of cleaning some of them up if there is any value in them (stupid alt coins 🙂 ) and since Quadriga went down I did not know what the best way to liquidate was. Thank you


Glad to hear it helped. With the value of btc out of the toilet I decided to pull roughly a third of my portion of a btc out (mined a while ago with a 280x). I also haven’t done anything with mining for 1.5 years. This way I got something out of it even if it tanks again. I will roll the dice with the rest for now.

Literally the coincards payment screen was a qr code (or a wallet address if you can’t scan), opened copay>clicked scan>pointed webcam at screen>clicked confirm>done.