Not that long ago I made a thread about wanting to sell the 8086K I won to upgrade my GPU. This resulted in a trade for a GTX 1070 Ti from Soullessone21. Hopefully the 8086K will get pushed a bit and reviewed for the site in the not too distant future, but in the meantime I just received the 1070 Ti.

The old and the new (coming from my XFX 280X...hard to believe the 1070 Ti is actually a bit smaller)

alt text

In and ready to rock. Time for some gaming!

alt text

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Rig looks great, the 280x looks like one I used to own haha.

Hows the gaming results? Is the upgrade noticeable?

thanks for sharing

What will you play with this new shiny GPU!

It should be better, that nearly double the GPU power

Have you cranked up the resolution too?

Definetly noticeable. Tried a few games and maxed all graphics without issue. Immediately made a custom fan profile though, since the factory profile favours noise over cooling...not that it is loud at all now, but the fans are actually spinning more than a few hundred rpm.

Haven’t done any real fps testing. Some games aren’t running though, so I may need a reinstall of them after the gpu swap.

On the hunt for a monitor upgrade now and still debating in my head if I do 1440 or 4K. I honestly think I will go 4K ips 27” and just accept no AA and some reduced settings in demanding games. I am having a hard time justifying the same cost for a 1440p screen. My arm could still be twisted though pending opinions and sales.

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