How to spot fake reviews of the new RTX in one easy step

With so much push back from NV you are going to see a LOT of half-assed, total hype reviews crop up in the coming days.

When you read ANY review on the RTX series take a close look at what they are comparing it to and ask one simple question:

Are they comparing it to a last gen Founders Edition card or an actually GOOD 10-series card? If they are making the argument of 'apples to apples' you know its a fake review. Most likely bought and paid for by NV.

No honest reviewer will choose the worst example of the last gen to make any comparisons to the new gen. They may not use a FTW3/Amp Extreme!/etc but they should be comparing it to a decent representation of the last gen. The last gen FE's sucked. They ran hot, they throttled at a drop of a hat and were not meant to be examples of what the 10-series could do. They simply were 'FIRST!' for buyers who could not wait until good AIB versions hit the scene.

So if you see FE vs FE based review on the RTX... close the browser window and move on. Its a shill review at worst, and a half-assed review at best.

Thanks for all that information, I think a lot of us, me included, forgot how the performance of the 10-series FE weren't as stellar/great when compared against their the third party cards with proper coolers/cooling.

More great advice from a team who strives if anything to give honest real reviews and information versus riding the easy buck.

I must say: Good information, thank you for offering it, it has literally helped me.