HyperX Cloud Alpha Full Hands on Review (Youtube)

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HyperX Cloud Alpha Full Hands on Review – 11:50
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HyperX Cloud Alpha Full Hands on Review, We take the time to fully unbox, Test both gaming and music and do a full mic test unedited with multiple settings for your viewing and auditory pleasure.

Coming in at around $99.99 USD with a full aluminum frame construction makes the Alpha lightweight but great quality.

Gaming and music wise the sound of the dual 50mm Drivers in the HyperX Cloud Alpha bring big sound for a reasonable price, clear and crisp highs and lows, the Leatherette ear pads are very comfortable and sleek.

The only failing is the Mic does provide a lot of background static, not as much as some lower end headsets but enough to be noticeable, within Windows or osx you will be able to edit most of this out easily by tweaking the settings to best suit your setup.

PS: this sadly my last video with a beard... it was required to be removed for work. RIP Mountain man John Beard Summer of 2018

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Thanks for the review. This does seem like a great bang for buck (my personal area for shopping) headset. Definitely one I would consider if I had to replace my current ones.