RHR and EVGA GTX 1070 Giveaway - Post your Rig

My rig is 7 years old. Most of the peripherals are new, but the only thing inside that isn't original is the video card. I put in an EVGA GTX 960 a few years back.



Here's a few I have had set up over the last couple weeks.
2400G/ ASUS X470 Prime

C2D E7400/ ASUS Maximus Formula (Rampage BIOS mod)

0_1539277751973_c2d 7400  6800GT DDR3 2.JPG

Gigabyte 790X UD4P/ 1090T/960T

0_1539277896688_giga 790 1090T 6000.JPG

ASUS Rampage 3 Ex/ X5650

0_1539278061159_1366 5650.JPG

CHVII/ 2700X/ R9 FURY full "X" mod

0_1539278139475_2600x  R9 Fury.JPG

CHVII/ 2700X/ 2x 290X DCUII

0_1539278212180_2x290x 2700x.JPG

I don't have rig right now, But I have laptop DELL 5537 (i5-4th gen). Looking forward to upgrade it in future with a rig for deep learning tasks and gaming.

Perferences for rig

  • Core i5-8400 or equivalent from intel 10th gen or amd ryzen zen 3 (may be with pcie 4.0)
  • GTX 1070 sli or RTX 2070 or RTX 2060 with tensor cores

Currently learning web on my laptop for freelancing to get my dream machine in future.
By the way, your web is beautifully designed and very responsive.

Hoping to win this gpu, If I get this, I am going to use it as eGPU.

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Nice rig everybody best of to everyone

Hi everyone! Great giveaway 🙂

My good old rig is composed by:

Intel i5 2500K OCed to 4.4Ghz with AIO Watercooler
8Gb DDR 3 1600Mhz
SSD Samsung 960 Evo 500Gb
2 HDDs 500Gb
Asus Xonar DX Audio Card

Cheers, and good luck everyone 🙂

This is my build.
NZXT S340 White
ASRock X370 Gaming X
Ryzen 5 2400G
2x4GB Ballistix 2666 MHz CL16 DDR4
MSI 1050 OC Edition
Kingston 240GB M.2 SSD
Kingston 120 GB SSD
750W Power Supply
Could use a little upgrade 😁

My computer is not bad has a 7950 amd an i5 2500k 8gb ram but of course if I put a 1070 it would be much better ^^

my rig started dying couple of months before and now is starting to crumble... Have a faulty gpu and motherboard.. I hope to win! Radeon R9 380+ fx8350e!!![alt text](image url)

Motherboard: Asus b350 prime
Ram: 16gb ddr4 Corsiar Vengeance
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700
PSU: EVGA 750 B3, 80+ BRONZE 750W Fully Modular
Case: Rosewill ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case
Graphics Card: Asus Amd Radeon r7 250 1gb DDR5
HDD: Two old ps4 500gb drives 😁

Well the most advance peace of tec n my apartment! alt text alt text

Here is my trusted system.
Intel Core i7-6700K OC 4.6 GHz
Gigabyte - GA-Z170X-Gaming 3
G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB 3000 MHZ
EK Predator 240
Samsung 950 PRO 256GB M.2-2280 NVMe
Hitachi Ultrastar 1TB 3.5" back up
Gigabyte GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8G
EVGA SuperNOVA G2 850W 80+ Gold
Phanteks Enthoo Pro
Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 140mm Fans!

Don't have a PC.. just office laptop