ROG Strix Fusion 500 RGB EVERYWHERE! – 05:04
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We will be shortly posting up our next video but as per the norm the forum will get the video first 🙂

Today we have the ROG Strix Fusion 500 Headset, A feature rich USB headset but do all these features cost it in the mic and sound department? Maybe, for around the same price as the HyperX Revolver S the sound quality is not on par with its closest competitor. Where it steps above the Revolver is in features such as a easy to use rgb controller and a on ear touch control.

Important features
-Virtual 7.1 with an easy on off button on the Rog Strix Fusion 500
-Braided USB Cable
-On-ear touch controls that allow easy music, video and volume controls.
-Great packaging
-ROG hybrid ear cushions and 100% protein leather ear cushions included

Quality of sound:
Lows are great with a lot of bass, amazing mids but on the high end can get a little bit of tin.
Mic quality is not bad, with an easy hide design. though it will give you static if you're using it with editing software like premiere or audition. Used in skype or Discord the mic sounds great as their built in noise reduction cleans the mic up to near studio quality. Compared to the HyperX Revolver S though the Rog Strix Fusion 500 is far lower in mic quality but still a great high end sound.

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