8700k vs 9700k vs 9900k???

I am using a 6700k and my plan was to wait for a replacement with twice the computing power. This meant I stayed away from 8700k. So now we have the 9900k and the 9700k but the 9900k is really pricey and hard to find. Makes me think I should consider the 9700k. However is it really that much faster than a 8700k??? I am not sure what to do. What do you guys think?

was reading about this 9700k vs 6700k and found on average 19%+ improvement in tasks and editing not a huge gaming change as most times the gpu is the bottleneck, if you stream the 8 true cores is a nice bump in power.

but comparing the 8700k vs 9700k gets a little more complicated as they trade blows with the 8700k showing 12threads and the 9700k being 8 true cores you then have only a 5% difference that seems to jump from side to side with gaming and editing.

I have a 6700k on my test bench and am in no rush to replace it yet.

my 2 cents 🙂

Sounds like it is not yet time to scratch the upgrade itch. 🙂

I run a IP camera program on my computer watching my yard almost at all times. Seven IP cams in total. It eats into my cpu, like around 20% constant usage. On top of that I game although it is rarely but I do some trans-coding sometimes as well...

Perhaps I should wait (ugg, who wants to do that!!). Perhaps Zen 2 or Zen X is worth waiting for and then go AMD?

Honestly the 2920x looks amazing from amd for multi use but with a board your still over 1k 😞

I was thinking about a 2950x TBH. Lots-o-money...

if in 6 months there is a Zen 2 chip with better IPC, clocks and less power consumption then I have fallen in to the paradox that is computer upgrading logic.

I could get an 8700k for $375 that does 5.1.. Think I should just get that for now and hope to get it to run on my Z170 board??

Not sure if all the boards will work, Asrock OCF seems to have the best luck/support. ASUS Hero was working without HT. Haven't seen many more reports on this in the wild.

I bought an 8700k so for now I will see if I can get it to work on my z170 board.

Check that out! 8700k on a z170 board 🙂

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Congrats and awesome work:)