GeForce 7950 GX2

Anyone know how to fix GeForce 7950 GX2 display issue.
It will display then freeze up. Have to restart system
wondering if it's bios issue on it.

Want to run this on my 775 system see how it plays games .
Have a Asus Formula Striker II board.

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Couple things. Its been my experience a video card gremlin is usually one of three things: Drivers, power, temp.

Does it do it on a known good system? This will help on drivers.

Does the problem rig have a big enough PSU? The GX2 were thirsty for their class. Take their min specs and DOUBLE it. You will see milisecond peaks that are wayyyy above its spec. If you dont have enough PSU to handle SLI cards... you probably dont have enough to handle the GX2... so if you got a piddly little 500 PSU... its the PSU.

Temperatures. Run furmark or some other stress test. What are the temps? Does it lock up. If so... AND its OOW, yank the heatsink and reapply TIM, then increase fan speed profile.

Good luck!

Also what's the exact model? You can try using the nvidia flash utility with the newest firmware I have used that to fix a few cards before 🙂

1- its on a good system 1151 system, test bench.
PSU is 750W Corsair.

Thermal paste has been changed as well
When I run furmark or even 3d mark it locks up.
Going to check everything you suggested to do, in case I missed one.

Thanks Gak

I will get the model tomorrow, its at work on test bench there.

I would definitely try different drivers, that's an old piece of HW and checking reviews when launched they used forceware 91.xx drivers