MX500 500gb for $85

Nice find!
Good drive at a great price 🙂

What about an Intel 660P 1TB for $189 with additional $10 off promo code?

Depends on your wants/needs...budget. The 660p is basically the same(ish) drive as the Crucial P1. So if you look at our review you can judge which would be better for your needs. Basically, bang for your buck both are good for their perspective class. Sata = MX500. NVMe = 660p. BUT if both are within the same couple bucks... get the NVMe. Faster is always better.

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I looked at your review and it was good. I have not seen the P1 for anywhere even close to the 660p price. $189-$10 vs $283 ATM

Then there is your answer. Get the cheaper version. 😉