We are aware of the random 502 errors for the last few months RX00 has confirmed he thinks he has a solution.

We wish him luck but if you seen them still please send us a screenshot with the time


I don't believe it! *stares at unread icon *

What unread, oh you mean the one that's been red for the past few months too...?


It works. What you guys complaining about 🤔

They are talking about on mobile it is broken still

I still get it on my home PC sometimes, but yeah, mobile is main culprit.

Hey look it took 3 seconds to get it again on PC 😛0_1544122893105_Untitled.png

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Nah it's broken on mobile and desktop.

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On mobile for me it works now.

This is what mine looks like.


Same here, on mobile or on desktop.

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