Does anyone own this?

I just bought it and after injecting myself with LSD in the first mission 4 times I don't think I can handle it.


Well, I would need a real dose of some drugs too, because it make me very unconfortable to say at lest to see blood or even surgeon work 😞 I cannot stand it, so I'm bad candidate for the "game" ...

I have to leave kitchen when even mean is prepared, so... I did not wonder that you are not making it. I would suggest you won't push it, mate. Not all games are meant to be played... really.

The LSD in the double kidney transplanet omg.

I would like to play another game, lol.
After the mosfets replacement I played SoF2 todays - much better! 🙂 But too fast for me today, I would love to play something more strategic… like WOT 🙂 No LSD, no scalpels, blood and almost (or not yet) dead meat on the table.


See, I have no problem with the gore. Replace heart? Saw up and cut out all his organs. No problem.

Spending 4 minutes trying to rotate the dudes t-rex wrist so I can pick up the saw? No thanks.

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