Graphics bump to a 2013 rig worth it?

Long time, no see!

I have been out of the game for a while and was wondering if it is worth replacing my Crossfired Radeon HD 7950s with a single more modern card, perhaps if I can find a used previous gen card with a waterblock already on it cheap? shrug
Are graphics card prices still in orbit? Is my CPU now a bottleneck for newer cards? Is my rig now outmatched by 14" gaming laptops?

These days I do not really do all that much gaming, mostly Carmageddon: Max Damage, a bit of Wreckfest, and some older stuff. I have Shadow Warrior 2 on my list of games-to-play and keep meaning to get back into DCS: World.
I still run a Dell U2711 at 2560x1440 after all these years, but like the idea of a 144Hz display in the future and do not have time/patience for low FPS these days.
I seem to recall my PC draws around 600w from the wall full tilt and idles around 200w, so any gain there might be nice.

I don't think I can justify building an entirely new PC for another couple or more years. Priorities.
Or should I just keep my dual cards as a reminder of my rig's glory days? 😎

Specs are as follows:
Maximus VI Hero w/ Naked 4770K @ 4.5GHz
16GB DDR3-2400
2x Radeon HD 7950
Avermedia HD capture card
Corsair AX760i
Intel 520 120GB
2x 2TB WDCB fakeraid0 & 1x 4TB Seagate
InWin Q500 w/ 480 radiator

Photographed by Soullessone21 at WildLAN:

The bottom line is a few points.

  1. Your pc is perfectly fine, does not require a rebuild, except for the graphics card.
  2. Yes a single modern gpu will make your gaming sessions substantially better in anything demanding at all.
  3. Can it be done cheap, depends on your definition of cheap.

From amd there are graphics cards available, but in my opinion they aren’t worth it at your resolution. To keep cost down you would have to go used. A gtx 1070 will play at 1440, will be a great upgrade and be the cheapest option. If you have a few more $ I would opt for a 1070ti or 1080 to have a bit more headroom.

Thank you for your input, I think I normally upgrade the graphics card once in the lifetime of each system I build, so I guess this is still on-track. A GTX 1070 would probably do me well for a few more years.

Yeah your rig just needs a... tune-up. Drop a ssd in there for your OS and 'main' apps and games you are playing right now. That plus a 1070 or 1070Ti (I like the Ti as its almost as powerful as a 1080 but with better ram than the typical entry level 1080) and you will be good to go for another couple years. Of course if you have the upgrade itch... the upcoming Ryzen 3000 series is going to be hard to beat so I would personally upgrade your existing rig and if you go "you know I think I need MOAR POWER" you can carry over the ssd and gpus with no problems (and probably get a bit of speed boost from both as a nice bonus).

The issue with used GPUs is you NEED to know if they have been in the mines slaving away 24/7 for alt coins. This is something I always ask first. It is also something I am up front about when selling cards (not all the cards I sell are mined on). If you get even a wiff of miner from the seller and s/he is being gagey... run away. Not worth the savings.