Well posted this the other day but our site admin thought he would erase 24 hours haha.

First the plan behind this build was to take a lot of guidance from reviewers I respect and use their advice for parts that I did not have yet. Also needed to upgrade as my GPU and CPU are overheating due to bad cooling on the GPU and a failing aio on the CPU.

When I run Adobe premiere even 1080p 60fps I get jitter and maxed CPU plus throttling GPU. So it's time to change things up. First the CPU and motherboard are being swapped for a 6950x and a taichi x99 board. The CPU will be cooled by a 420mm aio that I will finally have a case it will fit in to review it as well.
The GPU is getting a nzxt aio adapter and a kraken 240 to cool it, also a custom backplate.

Still just using 32gb ram for now.
Hdd is nvme in raid 0 using 1tb p1 crucial drives as well as a mix and match of ssds and hdds to fit about another 24tb of storage in here.
GPU is a msi armor 1080 ti, gamernexus covers the issues with this card that custom cooling hopes to solve.
Also reusing my elgato capture pro and a elgato usb for some fun testing.

Now to show off the parts.
3_1546035202934_20181227_134508.jpg 2_1546035202911_20181228_143927.jpg 1_1546035202877_20181212_210224.jpg 0_1546035202805_20181212_210841.jpg

Already lapped the CPU and got custom sleeping to. Really looking forward to this build. Will keep you all posted as I go