Is my laptop dead?

Long story short here is what’s going on:

  • did a fresh install of windows
  • the computer would not full shutdown or restart (required a hard power down)
  • trouble shot everything as best I could
  • while trouble shooting I eventually tried a windows refresh (or whatever it’s called where it keeps your personal stuff). This resulted in it saying it was unable and went back to the previous state.
  • after the next shutdown the computer now posts and within a second or 2 re-posts...etc etc.
  • can’t get into bios
  • ram has been swapped, ssd confirmed functional, old Hdd installed...all with no effect. Pulled everything apart and there is nothing visibly wrong. CMOs battery pulled and reinstalled.

Any ideas on what could be going on, or isold faithful dead? It’s an acer 5560.

Hmmmm that does not sound good, can you flash the bios? Also with acres I have had the issue of small parts coming loose inside the chassis and shooting out. I recommend, removing the board, resesting if possible the CPU then while the board is out use isopropyl 99 and a baby toothbrush to clean around the whole board.

Also check the ports to see if there is anything foreign other than "made in China in any of them just a simple thing but I have had a busted usb sleeve stuck in a port that glitched it all out before.

If all else fails send here and happy to look at it after ces haha

@Bond007 said in Is my laptop dead?:

acer 5560.

Did you try f2 key to get into BIOS, what did you use to test hard drive to make sure it does not have a failed sector.
Try just installing windows on ssd with out mech HDD plugged in.
If you can clone your drive or image it. then do fresh install of windows. Then put image back on that drive of yours.

Took a pretty good look at everything while I had it pulled apart. Couldnt see anything wrong myself. Cleaned the cpu and repasted while I was at it.

F2 is what normally brought me to bios...whether I press it or not, it essentially goes back to power off and post screen again before loading the bios. The laptop only had an ssd in it. Can’t even get into bios with the ssd, with no hard drive installed, or with the original windows 7 HDD.

My guess is the bios has somehow been corrupted, but I really don’t know. If I can’t get into bios, I don’t know if it’s possible for me to do anything. Maybe a dead cmos battery?