My new laptop - Y530

Well...with my laptop not appearing to want to come back to life, and the fact I was already watching the laptop market, I decided to bit the bullet and get something new. I was trying to stay <$1k before tax, so some sacrifices had to be made. So far I am very happy with my choice and will update once I get some more playing in.

Lenovo Legion Y530
i7 8750h
16gb ram
Gtx 1050Ti 4gb
128gb nvme
1tb hdd 7200rpm
Backlit keyboard
IPS screen

Grabbed it at Costco for $999. Obviously I would have liked a bigger nvme drive, the hdd to be another ssd, or maybe a gtx1060, but overall I think it’s a solid setup and an amazing upgrade from what I had. Fingers crossed it treats me well

I will still try and fix the old one when time permits.

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Great laptop there lots of ssd and ram upgrade options and a 1050 ti is nothing to complain about at all. Mobile gaming and editing power right there.

Hope it treats you very well