Tweaking my Y530 - Any advise? i7 8750H and GTX 1050Ti

So I didn't take long to start playing with trying to optimise my recent laptop purchase. With a bit of googling I have found myself using throttlestop and afterburner for the CPU/GPU respectively. Stock the temps where mid 80s on the cpu and mid 60s on the gpu in game. Loading just the CPU had it approaching 90.

CPU - using throttlestop I have it on -140mV (obviously I worked towards finding this value), which has stopped me from being power limited on the cpu and stopped power throttling. However, for gaming I have left the undervolt, but limited the CPU to max 3.2ghz. With these adjustments (stock fan profile), the CPU is now maxing out in game at mid 60s. I am monitoring CPU usage in game to make sure it isn't limiting far it isn't even close.

GPU - again, after googling how to make the 1050 Ti more efficient on a locked down gpu I found out about modifying the voltage/frequency curve with afterburner. I am still tweaking for now, but so far I have the curve going to a peak of +172mhz over the baseline curve. This gets me 1860 mhz in game at 0.975v and not hitting the power limit (which was reducing it from reaching this max boost state). With the stock curve it wasn't reaching this frequency until 1.13v. Also, the memory is at +100 (200 effective). Still tweaking both of these, but so far it is getting me higher fps (didn't write down the differences though), by maintaining max boost freq and temps are 2-3 degrees lower (low 60s).

Anyone else played with a 1050 Ti (mobile) or 8750h, and if so what are your results? Anyone else have any advice/pointers? First time using throttlestop or this curve editor.

Hmm really wish I could be more help where but still using a 4710qm and 970m ๐Ÿ˜ž

I do have a lenovo on the repair bench with similar specs I'll see if I can do some testing and benching once it's repaired.

That would be great if you get a chance!

Put a bit of time into the laptop. Update is:

CPU - had to back off to -137mv

GPU - After some errors and googling I got the OC scanner working for my laptop. I then fine tuned the curve to limit the max voltage to 0.943v, where the GPU can get 1885mhz core. At that voltage it is a +217mhz OC, but compared to the stock curve it is a roughly +40mhz OC, but at a much lower voltage (power, voltage and thermal throttling are not even close to a factor now). Left the memory at +100mhz (200 effective)...haven't played with it any more from there.

1050Ti Optimized.PNG

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