It is funny but the fact of the matter is even though the peripheral market is massive and manufactures pour a ton of money into RnD, not much has changed in the past couple decades. Sure, the sensor technology has gotten better. Sure, software has gotten better and can do more than ever. Even the number of buttons has increased right along with increased button switch durability… but at the end of the day you could transport someone from 1980s and they would have no trouble understanding that the uber mouse you have on your uber PC gaming system… is a mouse. The creators of the RBT – QuadraClicks – set out to change that, and change that they did.

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The new QuadraClicks Gaming RBT (Right ‘Bove Touch) Rebel Real – or ‘RBT’ for short, but usually called loving the “Rabbit” by friend and foes alike – is really not your typical PC gaming orientated mouse. Nor is it your typical Ergonomic mouse meant to reduce repetitive stress injuries. Instead, they started with a blank slate and took a long hard look at what a mouse is supposed to do, and what could be done to improve its basic function. That is to say how to allow a different take on an ergonomic mouse that could not only do its job of being a cutting edge input device but do so while reducing injuries. The end results are rather impressive.

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This most certainly one of the more unique mice I've seen in a while...although myself I find I don't have much problems or fatigue when using a mouse rest, I can see this appealing to those who may not like having them or want to try to reduce fatigue of the muscles in their fingers in general.