Hello EveryBODY! I am back!

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Now I'm just the same fat ass but spending less money and eating less meat/cheese

You fat? I was fat too. I am 99KG right now. I want to be 75KG. I used to be 112KG. I still need to work out more and more. Standing fits the bill.

Now I need better shoes now lol

Sometimes you just need to find what you find enjoyable for exercise. Personally I hate using a treadmill or stationary bike, I find it boring as hell, but an elliptical or rowing machine I find I enjoy a lot more. To the point where we just bought a rowing machine and I used it last night. That plus hockey I hope will bring me down the 5-7 kilos I'm looking to drop (and improve my cardio for hockey).

I ate a bit of carbs the other day (lasagna) and now I feel too high in sugar. Store bought lasagna is just flat noodles lol. I was having moody day.

The keto diet is great for standing for 5+ hours a day in my full time job. I felt the constant energy. No ups or downs like I did when I worked BestBuy. At BB I wolfed down energy bars and meal replacement drinks and it wasn't good. I was up and down all the time.

Eating right now I feel great with mostly protein and raw/roasted nuts. For drinks I drink ginger and honey from Costco (honey from costco tastes like pure sugar ,,,, next time I will get the expensive stuff honey)

Are you sure you're following a ketogenic diet? You mentioned honey, which is 110% not keto friendly due to the high natural sugars content, and will likely kick you out of ketosis quickly. You are probably just feeling a more constant energy by eating better and maybe not eating as much at once. Another thing is the lack of sugar crashes if you're sticking to a lower carb diet.

Either way there's nothing wrong with it. I lost most of my weight sticking to just low carb, high protein stuff. Lots of chicken and veggies for sure.

I use just a little bit of honey. I hear Ginger is very good as well as honey. A lot of health benefits. I try my best to not eat any carbs at all.

I just had some stuffed wonton wrappers steamed and it was too much carbs for me. Having a full time job now makes me crave carbs a bit. But when I find my balance I should be OK.

I cut diet and sugar soda/pop out of my life for two months now and feel great. I don't crave them no more. I use to drink 3-4 diet pops a day.

Highly recommend this tea if you are oh keto and dont want to drink pop or anything to mess it up 20190214_160154.jpg 20190214_160159.jpg
Zero sugar or fake sugar.
Just black tea with a drop of lemon.

Had that tea. Saw it at the classy dollarama! Not bad.

@Bond007 really? Get me some next time haha

Though once in a while I drink coffee/decaf and green tea. I try my best to avoid drinking anything with caffeine because I get elevated and can not rest properly.

But tomorrow for my long 8hr shift, I will buy a bottle to see how it is. Never tried black tea before. Sounds tasty with a bit of lemon

@eyetrance haha it is a bitter drink very common in southern states. Makes me feel young again πŸ™‚ haha

b4 work tomorrow, I will take a look at a couple of dollar stores to find a jug of this tea again. The RCSS charges $2.98 which is kinda pricy for TEA!

It was small bottles at the dollarama. 5-600ml. I usually just make ice tea at home for literally cents. Boil a pot water (then turn off), throw in 4-5 tea bags of your choosing, steep for a while, tea bags out, whatever you want to add goes in, and then into the fridge...doesn’t get much easier. I usually add something to sweeten it a bit, and some lemon juice.

Love ice tea in the summer.