TeamGroup, are they any good?

I am tempted to buy ram by TeamGroup. Sounds like a weird translation from another language (Chinese?) to me! Before I do I thought I would ask what you guys think? My thoughts go to what happens if or when this stuff fails. I am pretty sure it will be fine till then. Maybe people here have used and liked this stuff. Also maybe people have dealt with TG and know what their customer service is like.

In the past I bought cheap Avexir DDR4 from The ram is still working fine but Avexir vanished from Newegg and I cannot buy another matching DIMM for the one I bought originally. I guess that is part of the "risk" of buying off brands.


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People have been buying that brand up like crazy lately due to their pricing, and I haven't really heard anything negative. They've been around for a while, but that doesn't always mean customer service is going to be anything decent.

We have direct reps with teamgroup so if you have issues we can assist 🙂 I second lpfan as I have seen the same and heard few complaints.

Wow I am impressed! That was the answer I was looking for! Thanks guys! 🙂